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I've been tagged by AspiringDreamCatcher
       So here are THE RULES:
 1.Write the rules
 2 Write 13 things about yourself
 3.Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions
 4 Tag 13 deviants
 5 Make sure that they know they are tagged
 6 Don't say " you're tagged it you read this"
 7 It's forbidden to not tag anyone
 8 Tag backs are allowed
 9 If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tagged you ( nah. .. :D  )

1 What  is your  favourite Disney movie?
 Oh, god!  There're so many! I love all of them! If I really have to choose, I'll choose Hercules from 1997 and The Emperor's New Groove from 2000.
2 Who is your  favourite Disney villain?
   If at question 1 I love all of them, here I hate them all. Hmm.... maybe Mother Gothel and Ratcliffe.
3 Do you prefer the books over the movie/TV  adaptations?
   In some cases, yes, in some, no.
4 What is your favourite book?
   My all time favourite is The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
5 Do you have a crush on a fictional character ? If so, who?
   I used to, but now I don't have any crush.
6 Do you believe in ghosts?
  I'm from a very religious country, so we, romanians believe in souls and spirits, therefore believe in ghosts. In romanian, they're called "strigoi".
7 If you could  meet a famous person, dead or alice, who would it be?
 Dunno, maybe Jennifer Lawrence.
8 Who would win: Batman or Superman?
9 What about Superman vs Thor?
 Thor  (definately not a Superman fan here  XD)
10 Do you like dog or cats?
  Both, unless the dog is 1m tall and wants to eat me, them I'll choose cats.
11 What do you like to draw?
  Everything, without buildings! I hate drawing buildings and I hate using rulers! It's weird, because I love geometry. I'm too weird for this flawless world....    
12 What is your dream job?
  Working as an animator for Disney (mission impossible... )
13 Can you name all 7 dwarves from Snow White and the 7 Dwarves?
    In romanian, yes. In english, quite hard,
but possible.

And now,  ladies and gentlemans  (drums beating):

(you can skip this, they'll make you yawn)

1 I am a capricorn and proud of this.
2 I live in south Romania, in Giurgiu, near the Danube river.
3 I'm quite shy, therefore I'll never start a conversation in real life.
4 I'm the worst dancer  ( when it comes to dance to pop music) that ever lived on planet Earth. Somehow I manage to do folk dances quite well....
5 I've been drawing since I was 2 years old.
6 My family draws also. One cousin of mine is a fashion designer, my mom made illustrations and my dad makes plans for houses (rulers again.... )
7 I have a big family, but I've met only a quarter (only the closest relatives). So my family has about 150 from my mother side and 200 from my father. A whole lot.
8 My grand grandfather lived 100 years and 5 months. I was 5 when he passed away.
9 I like mythology, especially greek and nordic.
10 I hate summer. Yup. I've said it. I just can't stand hot temperatures. Which is a shame, 'cause now there are 36 Celsius degrees.Until the cold winter, with -25 degrees I have to wait 5 more months...
11 I speak 3 language (beside romanian) : english, french, russian. I can understand italian, castilian (spanish), portuguese , serbian, bulgarian and a bit of german.
12 I was born on 5 january,  eve of an important celebration in Romania,  Epiphany. It's the day when people don't eat anything.
13 I want to travel to Iceland, Baltic countries, well north in general. ( 'cause I'm a winter freak!!!)


1 What's your favourite country?
2 What you'll choose between white and black?
3 Are you a morning person or a night owl?
4 When where you born? Day or night?
5 What's your favourite song?
6 Do you like opera or rock?
7 What you'll choose between Disney or Dreamworks?
8 What's your favourite magical creature?
9 Would you like to have as a pet an unicorn?
10 Blue or brown eyes?
11 Do you have farm animals? (I have a lot....)
12 What is your goal in life?
13 You prefer cities or villages?
        I finished all the questions. Last, but not least, here are:


(the tagged ones)

  Congratulations to the tagged deviants!
Hope you'll have a good time, spending almost 2 hours fighting with the malefic autocorrect!
       (Nope, I really hope you won't be bothered by autocorrect)

   I hope you liked my tag. Thanks for reading!



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